Hydraulic turbine / Francis - 40 - 600 m, max. 800 MW

Hydraulic turbine / Francis - 40 - 600 m, max. 800 MW
Alstom Power Generation Alstom's Francis turbine is one of the most beneficial turbines out there thanks to how versatile it is. There are many different turbines to find in this line including ones with heads from 40 to 600 meters in size. This can come in a runner form to get its units to work with a greater variety of applications in mind. These can also survive even in the most stressful situations where more effort has to be used just to activate a unit. This is made with outputs of up to 800 MW and has been made in many sizes including one that has runners that are 450 tons in weight and are ten meters in diameter. These turbines could especially be of use in old hydropower plants where output is needed. This can be added to any spot in a refurbishment project to make it easier for the performance of a unit to improve in the long run, thus making it easier for profits to come about.

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