Thermoelectric generator

Thermoelectric generator
Teledyne Energy Systems Teledyne Energy System has been at the forefront of thermoelectric power systems for the past 40 years, starting with the SNAP3 space generator in 1961. During that time, Teledyne has produced hundreds of generators ranging in size from milliwatts to multi-hundred watts for both space and terrestrial applications.

Beginning in 2001, Teledyne began developing PEM fuel cell systems for the aerospace market. Applications include high efficiency PEM powerplants for Reusable Launch Vehicles for NASA, regenerative systems for high altitude unmanned aircraft/airships, and advanced designs for unique missions.

Teledyne specializes in custom designs for a wide range of customers and has the complete in-house capability for both commercial and classified applications involving thermoelectrics or PEM fuel cell power systems.

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