Rockwell hardness tester / digital - max. 980.7 N | HRS-150

Rockwell hardness tester / digital - max. 980.7 N | HRS-150
Beijing United Test Co., Ltd. The HRS-150 Rockwell hardness tester i.e durometer, provides exceptional quality and flawless measurements of hardness in a wide gamut of materials. The high caliber machine is fully automated to facilitate outstanding, error-free performances and data-logging. The only manually accomplished task is the lowering and raising of the testing platform. The machine is outfitted with ultra-high technology in testing and a top-notch LCD display.

The digital machine conducts testing across a comprehensive range of Rockwell hardness scales such as HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH and HRK. It also provides various Rockwell hardness scales for hardness testing of plastic such as HRE, HRL, HRR and HRM. The measured values are interchangeable across diverse hardness scales like HV, HRT, HK and HBHRN.

The HRS-150 incorporates an integrated printer that produces printouts of test values on demand. It is also provided with an RS232 Hyper-port that facilitates expanding or adding to existing functions. The machine is perfectly suitable to determine the Rockwell hardness of materials like iron/non-iron metals, cold/hard casting, hard alloy steel, copper/aluminium alloy, quenched/tempered/annealed/bearing steel, malleable cast iron, etc

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