Turbidity meter - TB400G

Turbidity meter - TB400G
YOKOGAWA Europe Since 1959, Yokogawa's process-use turbidity analyzers have proven to be remarkably reliable for all customers. Yokogawa's TB400G surface scattering light turbidity analyzer is equipped with a microprocessor that contains ingenious features for top-notch dependability and performance. It features signal smoothing against air bubbles in water samples, improved self-testing functions, surface scattering-light measuring method that eradicates measurement inconsistencies due to cell port contamination, robust and featherweight construction, multiple functions including automatic zero calibration, a measuring range of 0-2 to 0-2000 mg/l, RS-232C digital output signals, frontal access which guarantees simple maintenance and an ambient temperature of -5 to 50℃ .

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