Single drum roller / vibrating - 12 000 kg | XS122

Single drum roller / vibrating - 12 000 kg | XS122
Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group XS122 is a hydraulic vibratory compactor manufactured according to XS120 to provide improved performance and design.

This compactor offers a conducive operating area due to its completely hydraulic drive incorporated with fixed seat and car radio, as well as air conditioning supply. Its electrical system utilizes imported water-proof, dust-proof, vibration-resistant electric connectors for increased reliability. XS122 also has an imported maintenance-free battery that exhibits high start-up current and good adaptability.

The Cummins water-cooled turbo-charged engine can be integrated with this compactor, delivering reliable performance, large power reserve, minimal oil consumption, and low noise, compliant to the standards of European II.

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