VXS backplane - VITA 41.0 Rev 1.10 | Dual Star

VXS backplane - VITA 41.0 Rev 1.10 | Dual Star
Elma Electronic VXS technology is a product that comes from the VME family. It is an ANSI standard that combines parallel VMEbus with enhancements to support switched serial fabrics including PCI Express, RapidIO, StarFabric and InfiniBand over a new high speed P0 connector.

It uses a 6.4Gbps high-speed connector, that enables the use of switched fabric signals for higher bandwidth. The system is made according to the latest VITA standards, and the unit features extremely low latency with high performance, that is, it works very well with high data transfer capabilities. The processing power can be scaled to perfectly match anyone's needs. It is mostly used for radar and sonar systems.

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