Hydraulic dock leveler - CASTLE

Hydraulic dock leveler - CASTLE
Campisa CASTLE" dock leveller, pre-mounted on a frame, to be laid on a slab built (as per drawing) on the bottom of the traditional pit. The system is the traditional original one, also if the ACCESSORY and CAMPISA systems represent today about the totality of the installations. The leveller is welded at head and foot of the pit onto the foreseen profiles. The traditional pit is the same of the ACCESSORY levellers.

The "CASTLE" dock leveller is to be installed into the pit at the end of the wet-trades.

The bumpers are separately installed onto the outside side walls of the pit.

The "CASTLE" dock leveller can also be served by multiple powering.

Shipping: up to 4 dock levellers can be stacked in height on the truck bed, with an encumbrance of 550 mm each.
The width is 150 mm wider than the leveller width. Their gross length is: for swivelling lip levellers, 100 mm greater than their platform length. For telescopic lip levellers, 30 mm greater than their platform length

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