Stepper motor motor controller / servo - 50 W | PS 10 series

Stepper motor motor controller / servo - 50 W | PS 10 series
OWIS The PS 10 is a solo-axis control unit which is arranged for two-phase direct current servo motors or step motors. It can be distributed in a networking edition which is derived from CANbus system, to manage several PS 10 control units jointly. Thus, a multipoint association with a high transport rate equal to 32 appliances is achievable. Micro-step form with step motors through software promises even running and high resolution. Using this tuning, a motor action equal to 128 micro steps for each complete step is probable. The control unit PS 10 is worked and planned by a computer, through a Universal Serial Bus 2.0 interface. This is compatible with Windows XP and 2000 and allows a fast data transmit. A lot of inputs and outputs similar to Transistor–transistor logic, analogue and SPS (two while PWM in PS 10 to 32 arranged) are put into practice for contact with dissimilar peripherals. PS 10 for direct current servo motor supports the full A/B-Index, as...

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