Feather key - DIN 6885

Feather key - DIN 6885
A broad range of standardised machine elements is offered by mbo Osswald.

These include axle holders in accordance with DIN 15058, set collars as per DIN 705, taper keys with gip head according to DIN 6887 and tangential keys as per DIN 268 and 271. Also included are parallel keys according to DIN 6885, woodruff keys as per DIN 6888, nuts for T-slots in accordance with DIN 508, and cardan joints as per DIN 808.

A specialist in linking technology, mbo Osswald is based in Kuelsheim. All these machine elements are offered by mbo in steel and stainless steel. Also included is the choice of selecting the surface protection type, such as uncoated or galvanised.

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