Vertical boring mill / hydrostatic - 15 - 40 kN | FVG series

Vertical boring mill / hydrostatic - 15 - 40 kN | FVG series
COLGAR FVG is the series of vertical hydrostatic boring and milling machines and completes the already vast range of Colgar's horizontal machines.

The world of mechanics is taking big steps towards ever more complex and voluminous components. The FVG series expertly combines a large number of functions and qualities. The result is so satisfactory that we can herald the success of this series in uncountable applications both for the model with fixed cross-beam and that with mobile cross-beam.

The great possibility of being able to effectively work on five sides is combined with numerous custom accessory heads, heads with two continuous axes and turning tables.
Given the large dimensions, the machine could not do without the most innovative systems for cross-beam flexure compensation, adaptive control with three-directional sensor on the ram, and hydrostatic oil and coolant temperature control. The ram, completely covered with hydrostatic oil, contains the transmission devices, and some specific technical solutions allow evenly distributing the residual heat generated by the motors. The FVG series offers the best performance the chip removal market is looking for.

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