Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / with T-slots - Magnaslot

Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / with T-slots - Magnaslot
Assfalg GmbH Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck

The patented (EPM) electropermanant magnetic chuck with T-Slots
with a full steel surface combined the advantages of the magnetic and
mechanical clamping in one chuck. It is the perfect solution in clamping ferromagnetic and non ferromagnetic workpieces on machine tools reliably and
energy efficient.
By using of pole extensions unevenness in the workpiece is being compensated
and a distortion of the workpiece will be prevented.

- All-around 5sided machining is possible in one clamp
- For clamping of small and big workpieces by milling processes
and rough and fine precision
- Clamping of magnetic and nonmagnetic workpieces
- A combination of multiple EPM chucks enable a processing of big

-Controllers and pole extensions (see accessories on page 15)

- Pole size 75 x 75 mm
- T-slots for the mechanical clamping
- Adhesive force up to 800 daN per pole
- Penetration depth of the magnetic
field at maximum of adhesive force
level up to 25 mm
- Completely from a full steel body, hence the best protection against hot
chips and coolant
- By using pole extensions also uneven workpieces can be clamped without
- Minimization of setup times

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