Lamination press / double-belt / sheet / fiberglass

Lamination press / double-belt / sheet / fiberglass
Sandvik TPS Fields of application
Lamination of thermoplastic waste agglomerates or fibres to receive a reusable product, e.g. carpet recycling or for automotive interior products such as package trays (agglomerated trimming waste can be formed to recycled boards).

Principle of operation
By means of the unwinder [A] the base sheet (glass fiber, PVC etc.) is applied to the advanced lower belt [1]. By means of the scattering machine [B] the first layer of agglomerate is applied to the base sheet. For example, glass fiber can be deposited on the first layer of agglomerate by means of the unwinder [C]. Through the scattering machine [D] the second layer of agglomerate is deposited on the glass fiber. After that the multilayer coating is compressed by means of the calender roll [2]. After the preheating zone [3+4] the layer is melted thoroughly in the contact heating zone [5+7] and sized to the required thickness by means of the nip rolls [6+8] that are arranged one on top of the other. Then the substrate is cooled to the required outlet temperature in the cooling zone [9].

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