Gear grinding machine - RZ 160

Gear grinding machine - RZ 160
Reishauer The RZ 160 gear grinding machine continues the success of the well-known RZ 150. It adopts the significant successful featues and has been improved at the same time in order to further increase the customer satisfaction.

Modular and Configurable for Your Production

The RZ 160 provides the possibility to adapt the machine individually to the demands in your particular production. Thus, it is possible to find the best compromise between productivity, flexibility and investment costs.

Among others, the following options are available:

Second workspindle for increase of productivity
Backlash-free high-precision pivoting dressing spindle allows the use of lower cost flexible dressing tools and special technologies
CNC tailstocks for accurately adjustable axial clamping force promotes high repeatability
Profile grinding on main spindle or on Reishauer Profile Grinding Head with integraed high speed spindle
Measuring system with the scanning staylus for short measuring times at high resolution

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