Band saw / horizontal - 3.9 m | LM29

Band saw / horizontal - 3.9 m | LM29
Logosol AB The LM29 is a horizontal band saw is capable of handling timbers up to 72.5cm. This band saw is characterized by its dependable structure that provides a high production rate and easy maintenance. Its ergonomic design easily positions the log and sets the board thickness. This machine is integrated with a log house molder that is installed with an electric or petrol generated motor. It is also incorporated with a chip management system that is specifically engineered for the LM29. This equipment adopts to board widths measuring 55cm and board thickness of 25mm. It weigh approximately 400kg and its motor can generate an 8 kW power supply. The LM29 is equipped with band wheel measuring 47.5 cm x 2.2 cm in dimension.

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