Hand sealer (plier type) - 700 - 1 600 W | PS series

Hand sealer (plier type) - 700 - 1 600 W | PS series
Ferplast The PORTABLE SEALERS – SUPER POLY is ideal for sealing all kinds of product even with difficult shapes to seal. The upper and lower part of seal bar is specialized with resistance wire. It has the capability to seal laminate films. The machine will automatically tell the user if it can laminate the film or not. In order to achieve the filming process, the machine needs to be connected in the transformer first. It is where the seal time can be set appropriately to the film that is currently using. The equipment is very easy to operate, The seal will start once the button is being pressed. The maximum time of sealing is 1-3 sec. and it will stop automatically and can open the tongs safely.

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