Strip pack applicator - P-SPA

Strip pack applicator - P-SPA
Ishida Europe Limited ISHIDA Portable Strip-Pack Applicator features a precisely distributed strips that increases sales up to 30% in contrast with standard shelf displays. Its hanging strips are suitable for spontaneous purchases as shelf space is not necessary, thus leading to greater chances for a new products to have first retail listing. Other uses for this product include special promotions and alongside complementary items like snacks by the drinks section. Using this product requires manual insertion of bags into the Portable Strip-Pack Applicator (P-SPA) which it automatically heat-seal to the patented ISHIDA strip-tape. Users can adjust sealing temperature to guarantee firmness in the holding of the bags and easiness in its removal in the retail outlet. This product is up to three times faster that common clip strips. It is adaptable with its adjustable strip length and bag spacing, header options and strip=tape logos and consumer messages that are printable.

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