Rotary labeler / hot-melt glue / automatic / self-adhesive - RE202

Rotary labeler / hot-melt glue / automatic / self-adhesive - RE202
Marchesini Group The RE202 is an automatic rotary labeling machine used to apply self-adhesive or glued outsert labels equipped with one to two label dispensing heads, depending on the machine model and diameter of the carousel installed. This machine is designed to position and label oval or cylindrical containers which could be made of glass, plastic or metal and it functions at a fairly high speed.

It complies with cGMP standards and offers precision and effectiveness. It features a vial conveyor carousel produced in different versions with several seats through which users can print, inspect or even carry handling operations. It offers both horizontal and vertical adjustments with a microswitch for machine stoppage.

Users don’t need to worry about overprinting and overloading as it comes with micro-metric adjustments and maximum load control photocells.

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