Foldable lift gate / truck - 2 500 - 3 300 lb | EM series

Foldable lift gate / truck - 2 500 - 3 300 lb | EM series
Waltco The EM Series advantages include

New wider and deeper platform sizes

Steel Platforms:

40 x 84 + 4 ramp
46 x 84 + 4 ramp

44 x 84 wedge
50 x 84 wedge
Aluminum Platforms:

44 x 84 wedge with cart stops
50 x 84 wedge with cart stops
Bed extension with reinforced angle along entire width makes installation easier and reduces dishing
36 to 56 bed height range
Note: Larger platform 46+ 4 & 50 wedge fits 39(laden) 56 bed height only
Grease fittings and maintenance free bearings at all major hinge points
Easier installation with preset A dimension. Pump and cylinder installed and tested at factory
Roll pins replaced with bolts to allow easier maintenance
Single and Dual cylinder models available with all the above features
Snubber Kit reduces potential liftgate wear caused by vibration during travel
Hydraulic Cylinders designed, manufactured, and tested by Waltco
Powder coat finish on key liftgate components produces a high-quality finish that is exceptionally resistant to corrosion and abrasion
A full 3-year warranty on the entire liftgate

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