Vertical order-picker - 1 - 1.2 t | EKS 210/312

Vertical order-picker - 1 - 1.2 t | EKS 210/312
JUNGHEINRICH Ergonomic design that deliver a cost effective solution for the customers order picking needs. Jungheinrich produced two of the best order pickers in the industry, EKS 210 heights up to 7845 mm and a loading capacity of 1000 kg. Designed for wide space that offers turning capability of its narrow chassis size of just 900 mm. On the other hand, EKS 312 gives high throughput performance which can pick up load up to 1200 kg, 200 kg difference from EKS 210. It can reach up to 1,345 mm that is efficient and economical for users. Flexible choice of electronic height limitation for the mast and cabin widths. A walk-on load sections/auxiliary masts and platforms are included with its load-bearing component.

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