Chain manipulator - max. 250 kg, max. 2000 Nm

Chain manipulator - max. 250 kg, max. 2000 Nm
Movomech Mechstack pro is an electronic manipulator that fulfills the objective of stacking and handling loads to the extent of nearly 250 kg. Its driving axle is connected to carriages by making use of the driving chains. The lifter can have a working length that ranges up to 4 meters. It can be steered and controlled by making use of joystick through frequency converter. It can provide with variable and synchronous speed. It can be attached to a mechanical rail and can be used along with power drive. It is applicable in areas where heavy and bulky items need to be stacked. These are perfect choices to be used in the assembly stations that are tailor made. Tool frame is a standard accessory that is available with the device.

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