Aspiration pneumatic conveying system - CSK 1

Aspiration pneumatic conveying system - CSK 1
motan-colortronic gmbh CSK1 allows for several applications, conveying free-flowing palletized plastic materials with the use of vacuum hopper loaders. In addition, this item can be easily integrated into a central conveying system, doings its job properly at all times. When it comes to conveying abrasive materials, the high abrasion resistance is an important aspect.

The colortronic hopper loaders are designed for 24-hour operation, meeting the latest European CE requirements. The rugged, modular construction is a major advantage, making the systems work without filters, and made of stainless steel with minimal corrosion and abrasion levels. The modular design includes a hinged lid, allowing maximum flexibility for meeting changes in process requirements. Finally, the operating conditions are indicated on the hopper loader using large LEDs.

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