Electric gripper - SVH

Electric gripper - SVH
SCHUNK SCHUNK presents SVH servo-electric gripping hand with 5 fingers. This is the series production model of the SCHUNK 5-finger hand. It provides grips almost similar to that of a human hand. The electronics are fully built into the wrist. Due to this, the 5-finger hand can imitate almost all human hand movements. The moving parts include nine drives in total. These allow highly sensitive execution of different types of gripping operations.

The SCHUNK SVH features elastic gripping surfaces. These provide a dependable grip. It is compact, which makes it ideal for gripping and manipulation activities. It is specifically suited for human/robot communication through gestures. It comes in both left- or right-hand versions. At 24 V DC, it consumes very little energy. The control, regulator and power electronics are fully integrated into the wrist. It is useful for mobile applications. It provides gripping hand key grip, precision grip, and power grip. It can be seamlessly connected with standard industrial, lightweight robots through defined interfaces.

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