Cable mill - 100 kg/h | 315 EKO

Cable mill - 100 kg/h | 315 EKO
Guidetti S.r.l. Guidetti's 315 EKO Systems are part of the company's Sincro Eko line of granulators. These devices are generally utilized for applications that involve processing operations of aluminum and copper. They permit minimization of manufacturing costs, while maintaining high-quality performance outputs.

Models of the 315 EKO Series feature capacity rates that range from 50 kgs/h to 400 kgs/h. They sport full technical documentations that permit better intuitiveness of the devices, and optimized levels of energy consumption.

The Sincro Eko product line comes with the 315 EKO Series, and 3 other model configurations. These include the 215 EKO, 415 EKO, and 530 EKO.

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