Co-rotating twin-screw extruder - Reitruder

Co-rotating twin-screw extruder - Reitruder
Reitruder technology uses co-rotating screws. We have adopted this twin-screw technology for use in direct extrusion lines, mainly for inline compounding, and so combined several processing steps into a single one.

Modular system
Configuration of the appropriate extruder.

Barrels and screws can optionally be combined to form a plasticizing unit with raw material feeding, venting or degassing. Geometry and length of the co-rotating screws can be adapted to the specific application. The order in which the kneading and mixing elements are arranged can be freely selected, depending on the recipe, to obtain the best possible configuration.
Easy integration of the Reitruder into the line.

With low heights from 465 mm onwards, the Reitruder is suitable for new applications. The screw can be extracted also to the rear. That saves the costly disassembly of the downstream equipment and reduces set-up times by about one day.

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