SMD pick-and-place machine - Lynx

SMD pick-and-place machine - Lynx
Essemtec AG Highly Flexible and Accurate Pick-and-Place System

Lynx is the next-generation Essemtec machine based on the consistent further development and experience of the well-proven, highly successful FLX platform.

- Up to 4.500 cph (theoretical speed)
- Up to 180 Feeder lanes
- Integrated dispensing system
- Ideal for high-mix-production

Lynx can drive up to 180 feeders, illustrating its dedication to high-mix production. Due to its small footprint and reasonable weight, the machine is ideal for use in small footprint SMT production areas, even those located on upper floors. Critical system functions are accomplished with state-of art technology, such as the digital camera that provides a 5x accuracy improvement, securing the placement of small components like 0201.


- Ultimate flexibility with 180 feeders on less than 0.85 m2 footprint
- Up-to-date digital camera for better contrast and superior accuracy
- Dispensing capability in addition to placement
- Compatible with existing Essemtec CLM and FLX feeders


- Software with comprehensive GUI for easier, more efficient operation
- Short changeover time between multiple production batches
- Broad feeder-type selection allows flexibility


- Based on the well-proven and widely successful FLX platform
- Rapid installation for a faster production
- Simple maintenance requirement
- Secure remote-support for fast Troubleshooting

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