Container mixer - 100 - 2 000 l

Container mixer - 100 - 2 000 l
British Rema Processing Ltd Rema Cage Blender


Range of sizes designed for throughputs from 100 to 2000 litres

The Rema Cage blender is a tumble-action, batch blender incorporating a height-adjustable device that uses the tumbling motion to induce particles to roll and fall and promotes good mixing on free-flowing materials. These compact units provide quick and efficient mixing and blending for a wide range of dry powdered and granular materials used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and animal feed industries.
Features and Benefits:

- Gentle tumbling action

- Low to moderate power consumption

- Minimal wear

- Easy access to internal areas via man-holes for change-over and cleaning

- Compact design saves space

- Quick and easy dry powder product discharge via bottom valve

- Various materials of construction to comply with particular industry requirements

- Bottom split butterfly valve for contained discharge

- Detachable bins/containers allow charge and discharge to be carried out in a separate area minimizing dust generation and creating a closed transfer mechanism for improved hygiene and compliance

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