Planetary mixer / double - 3 - 150 hp | DPM series

Planetary mixer / double - 3 - 150 hp | DPM series
Ross The Double Planetary Mixer includes two blades that rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel on a common axis. The blades continuously advance along the periphery of the vessel, removing material from the vessel wall and transporting it to the interior. After one revolution the blades have passed through the entire vessel, after three revolutions most materials have been mixed and after only 36 revolutions, the blades have contacted virtually the entire batch.

Ross pioneered Change Can mixer design nearly 100 years ago. Today we offer many of our mixers including our PowerMix with this option, which can dramatically increase production in your plant. While one vessel is wheeled away for remote discharge and cleaning, another wheels into place to start the next batch immediately.

Ross Planetary Mixers have been the world's leader for the last 50 years. Today it still surpasses all others in both productivity and long-term reliability. With no packing glands or bearings in the product zone, contamination is virtually eliminated.

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