Measuring kneader / batch - 30 - 50 g

Measuring kneader / batch - 30 - 50 g
The Brabender measuring mixers are interchangeabe measuring heads utilized for realistic laboratory stimulation. When connected to a Plasti-Corder, Plastograph or lab-station, they serve to determine thermosets, thermoplastics, filters, pigments, elastomers, ceramic molding compounds, plastic and plastifying materials under praxis-orientated conditions. They are reliable and cost-effective with little expenditure of material and time.

The measuring mixers are comprised of a mixer backstand with gear unit and a mixer bowl. As well as the electronic safety systems, the mixer and drive unit are protected from damage due to overload as the mixers are connected to the driver via a shear pin coupling. The blades are constructed from a special steel. They provide exceptional mixing and compounding characteristics when counter-rotation towards each other occurs at different speeds.

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