Refrigeration cell - 60 - 100 mm | Toundra

Refrigeration cell - 60 - 100 mm | Toundra
DAGARD Toundra refrigeration cells are flexible and can be placed in any surrounding and offered in more than 246 variants. The ingenious design lets U shape shelvings and the storage is optimized. A panel on the depth area, with width same as the doorframe, lets different variations of door location. The door can be reversed from right to left on floored cells, which you can select on installation. The external faces are scratch and corrosion resistant. The ease of manipulation of the panels with reduced width is high even in premises that are narrow. These devices are easy to install and consume not more than a couple of hours for installation. The thickness of insulation is around 60-100 mm. Two heights can be chosen from whose respective dimensions are : inside height of 185.5 cm and inside area of 123 x 12 cm to 203 x 203 cm and an inside height of 203 cm with inside area of 123 x 123 cm to 243 x 243 cm.

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