Bearing induction heater - max. 40 kg | TIH 030m

Bearing induction heater - max. 40 kg | TIH 030m
SKF Maintenance and Lubrication Products The SKF portable induction heater a small bearing heater with excellent heating capacity and design light weight compact compose TIH 030m portable, heater is equipped with thermal overheating protection to reduce risk damage in induction coil and electronics. the induction heating system provides standard three yokes available in two executions: 230v/540-60Hz and 100-110V/50-60Hz and stand induction coil outside the heater's housing provide bearing to balancing heat up to 40 kg thus, temperature condition is equipped with time mode for steaming components exceeding bearings. further heater features are: automatic demagnetisation, capable of heating a 28 kg bearing in just 20 minutes, temperature mode pre-set at 110 degree Celsius to help prevent bearing over-heating.

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