Roller furnace - 950 °C

Roller furnace - 950 °C
Ruhstrat GmbH Rationale:

The plate roller hearth furnace is utilized for thermal management of steel sheet plates for the automotive industry. These plates endure a thermal twist in a linked press.

These warmly shaped protection parts significantly add to take up the shock on the car body.


The roller hearth furnace is a nonstop furnace with a manufacture roller conveyor on which the steel sheet plates are warmed up. The furnace casing has a U-shaped body with layer on the wrap.

The furnace ceiling, the furnace walls and the furnace surface are queued with ceramic fiber like sheets and mats and as lightweight refractory brick.

The furnace casing and the top cover are joined gas-tightly with an midway sealing. The manufacture roller conveyor is prepared with ceramic rollers and the roller drive system is separated into four sections.

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