Hydraulic cylinder / single-action / traction - ZZY-040-050

Hydraulic cylinder / single-action / traction - ZZY-040-050
HYDROKOMP This single acting pull cylinder is used for smaller plants that are tact independent. There is a built in release spring that brings the piston into edge-on position. The edge on time depends on several conditions. So the exact edge on time is not calculable. If feed and edge on are to act tact dependent and/or force stressed in a set interval, it is recommended that a double acting cylinder is used, (consult data sheet 200-3). HYDROKOMP provides a pull cylinder along with threaded connections and O-ring flange connection in different types of designs. During the mounting of the pull cylinder, through a cross hole, the orientation of the cylinder must be set to the front form-closed support, initiating with an operating pressure of 250 bar and up, in so far as the mounting is made traverse to the directional force. User is able to prevent liquids and foreign particles from the ingress into the spring areas of the pull cylinder by using a cover.

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