Vertical decanter / wastewater

Vertical decanter / wastewater
Matec This is the Matec purification plant produced for many industries by the Matec. This plant is useful for the perfect clarification of waste water. These decanters are available in two versions which are:
Vertical Decanter: This one follows the principle of static decantation and also the theory of the natural precipitation of the suspended solid particles. The clarification process is sped up by the accurately sized silos and a thrust cone with a water column which pressurizes the sludge. It also uses an appropriate polyelectrolyte (flocculant) thus enabling quickest possible clarification.

Horizontal Decanter: Also known as scraper bridge which is suited for large water flows. Having low height these also have an upper sludge thickening system. Operated by the scraper-blade bridge, the sludge is pushed and made to settle down to the bottom which is then pushed out. This sludge is pushed out automatically and feeding operation is adjusted to the bridge effort. This thus obtained sludge then can be then dumped into artificial lakes in other places.

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