Stationary compressor unit - 6614 RT/h

Stationary compressor unit - 6614 RT/h
Chongqing General Industry (Group) Co., Ltd Cooling Capacity: 6614 RT/h
Evaporating Temperature: -38℃
Refrigerant: Ammonia

Environment-friendly refrigerant R717(NH3)
The structure is double-cylinder, 3-section and 12-stage.
3D high efficient impeller and vaneless diffuser ensure wide working range at high efficient.
Reliable dry seal ensures safe and long-time operation of compressor.
The products are designed by DYROBES rotor dynamic analysis software and Impeller analysis software, ensuring stable operation of compressor.

(1) 100,000~1,200,000 tons of methyl alcohol device;
(2) 200,000~1,200,000 tons of synthetic ammonia device;
(3) Coal gas and coal oil devices etc.

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