Piston compressor / mobile / direct-drive - 160 - 4 470 l/min | AP/AT series

Piston compressor / mobile / direct-drive - 160 - 4 470 l/min | AP/AT series
ALMIG Kompressoren These industrial-grade, piston compressors are portable and manageable. They are packed with high quality features. Air intake is fitted with a well-proportioned, quality-ensured filter. The filter inserts can be replaced quickly and easily. The coupling is fashioned out of high quality steel as are the valve plates for extreme durability. A stroke limiter is provided with the valve plates. Fins have been provided on the surface of the pressure lines to increase cooling efficiency and durability.

The Eff 1 class motor is built tough and ensures low energy consumption for cost-efficient results. Pressure switch is equipped with a pressure-release valve and counter that monitors operation time in hours. The unit is kept cool by a cast-iron fan built in optimum proportions. The unit's two manometers measure applied pressure and working pressure. A three-phase plug facilitates switching between various motor-rotation directions. The manometer, oiler, filter regulator, three couplings ( AT 6002, 7002) are adjusted in a single control unit.

The unit comes mounted on a stable, rubber-wheeled frame that ensures portability, safety and sturdiness.

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