Wastewater treatment agitator - EC

Wastewater treatment agitator - EC
SERECO It consists of an electric motor that, as for the ECV type, can be completed with a variable speed control, a gear box, a lantern, a shaft and a gate impeller. Within the fluid mass, the impeller ensures the absence of any whirl and turbulence and, at the same time, uniformly distributes the kinetic energy to the fluid, ensuring perfect mixing of the coagulant reactive agent with the water and facilitating the formation of sludge flocks which settle easily. The lantern function is to absorb the axial load of the agitator and ensure a long life to the gear motor bearings.
The noticeable flexibility of use, the constructional simplicity and the lasting operation make this agitator suitable for many applications.
The standard construction is in carbon steel. On request impeller and shaft can be manufactured in stainless steel or with particular protections. The EC type is mainly used for the flocculation.

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