Fire protection clothing / jacket - LILLEHAMMER

Fire protection clothing / jacket - LILLEHAMMER
HELLY HANSEN Work Wear When in contact with hot surface, radiant heat or open fire, especially when it comes to construction sites and many other trades, it is crucial to protect employees against threats that have become a reality in many workplaces. The HH Workwear series includes products such as flame-retardant garments, which have been approved for use in environments defined by a big risk of incidental contact with flames, as well as other dangers, including short-term exposure to strong radiant heat.

The products in this series can be used with other flame-retardant clothing for best results and users are advised to contact the manufacturer for guidance whenever needed. Note that the fabric in the flame retardant base layer is 50% flame-resistant Lenzing viscose, completed by 50% wool, which provides insulation.

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