Ventilation system - HGVS-1000

Ventilation system - HGVS-1000
Eagle Eye Power Solutions This particular offering is the benchmarked Eagle Eye HGVS-1000 Hydrogen Gas Ventilation Framework is a constrained ventilation fan framework utilized within battery charging rooms and different regions where hydrogen may be available. This is to be utilized within conjunction with the HGD-2000 Hydrogen Gas Indicator. The HGD-2000 is mounted in the most noteworthy piece of the room and the HGVS-1000 vent fan is mounted through the outside divider. The framework is NFPA (National Flame Insurance Affiliation) Consistent. The framework has four fans plant evaluated at 850 CFM each. This fits in with N+1 for 2550 CFM. The vent is outfitted with a "Positive Wind stream Stop" characteristic. These entryways might be shut by an outer electric charge, and will prevent any wind current from passing through the fans. The vents could be daisy binded; more than one vent might be controlled by one HGD-2000 gas identifier and more than one HGD-2000 gas indicator can actuate a vent.

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