Digital relay / security / frequency / over-excitation - 7RW600

Digital relay / security / frequency / over-excitation - 7RW600
SIEMENS Smart Grid The SIPROTEC 7RW600 is a numerical multifunction protection relay for connection to voltage transformers. It can be used in distribution systems, on transformers and for electrical machines. If the SIPROTEC 7RW600 detects any deviation from the permitted voltage, frequency or overexcitation values, it will respond according to the values set. The SIPROTEC 7RW600 can be used for the purposes of system decoupling and for load shedding if ever there is a risk of a system collapse as a result of inadmissibly large frequency drops. Voltage and frequency thresholds can also be monitored.

The SIPROTEC 7RW600 voltage, frequency and overexcitation relay can be used to protect generators and transformers in the event of defective voltage control, of defective frequency control, or of full load rejection, or furthermore islanding generation systems.

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