Energy storage system - DEV 3.0, DEV 4.0

Energy storage system - DEV 3.0, DEV 4.0
Michael Koch GmbH Additional energy provided directly to the DC link of drive inverters and servo controllers are supplied by the DEV devices of Michael Koch GmbH. When power is interrupted, the devices with power rating 2.0 can supply two to 18 kilowatt-seconds. This means that many applications can to be brought to a safe standstill from where they may be restarted without difficulty once power is restored. Presenting devices that are capable to deliver more energy for extended periods or that stay cool in case of planned, and i.e. frequent power interruptions. In comparison to the DEV 2.0, the DEV 3.0 can accommodate higher loads of about 50 percent, and the DEV 4.0 is about twice as powerful. Both devices are conform with the requirements of UL.

The respective devices achieve these higher capacities by a modification to the electronic controllers and significantly improved active cooling systems. This means that the Dynamic Energy Supply DEV 3.0 is capable of supplying about two to 30 kilowatt-seconds of energy from its internal storage directly into the heart of a converter when unplanned power outages occur. The high power device types DEV 4.0 can supply around 40 kilowatt-seconds, however, the device itself is supplied without integrated storage. The energy values ​​of the DEV 3.0 and the DEV 4.0 may increase significantly, depending on the specifications of the application. For this reason, a detailed examination of the application is required as provided by the application consultants of Michael Koch GmbH in close cooperation with the customer.

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