AC/DC power supply / rack-mounted / hot-swap - 12 V, 1 600 W | D1U-W-1600-12-HA2C

AC/DC power supply / rack-mounted / hot-swap - 12 V, 1 600 W | D1U-W-1600-12-HA2C
Murata Power Solutions The D1U-W-1600 is a 1600 Watt, power-factor-corrected (PFC) front-end power supply for hot-swapping redundant systems. The main output is 12V and standby output of either 5V or 3.3V. Packaged in 1U low profi le, it is designed to deliver reliable bulk power to servers, workstations, storage systems or any 12V distributed power architecture
systems requiring high power density. The highly effi cient electrical and thermal design with internal cooling fans supports reliable operation conditions. The D1U-W-1600 is designed to auto-recover from over-temperature faults.
Status information is provided with front panel LEDs, logic signals and I2C management interface. Three units can be packaged into an optional 19" 1U power shelf to provide up to 4.8kW of power.
The S1U-3X is a 1U x 19" EIA Rack Mount Power Shelf designed for holding three D1U Front End Power Supplies in current sharing applications. It is intended for distributed power architecture applications in the Servers, Storage Networking and Data Communications markets. There are two lug terminal connections for #2 AWG cabling for the DC output. System connection through the I2C bus reports the performance status of the power supplies within the power shelf. Two Power Shelves can operate in parallel by an optional Shelf-to-Shelf cable, doubling the power output to the maximum capability of 9.6kW for two 12V power shelves.

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