Thermocouple cable - max. 500 V, max. 90 °C

Thermocouple cable - max. 500 V, max. 90 °C
Nexans Frequently used as a temperature sensor, thermocouples are able to measure broad temperature range. These simple to operate devices can also measure the temperature between two set points. Two dissimilar metal wires are welded together at the measuring point and insulated from each other in order to create thermocouples.

They usually feature a protective outer sheath. An electromotrice force or EMT is created when two conductors comprised of different materials are joined at one point and is dependent on the junction temperature. One of the junctions is set up as a "cold junction" kept at a known temperature in most applications. The other end is typically attached to a probe. In order for temperature at the probe tip to be calculated, another temperature sensor will measure the temperature at the aforementioned point.

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