Incremental linear encoder / rack-and-pinion - I07 series

Incremental linear encoder / rack-and-pinion - I07 series
ELCIS ENCODER Elcis presents incremental encoders with pinion for racks. This series has been designed specifically for linear displacement measurements, which are performed using the "pinion/rack" style. The series comprises of various kinds of pinion-encoders, both with and without the pinion pre-charge device. A combination of multiple inner disk resolutions and a variety of pinions result in resolutions ranging from 1 mm to 1 micron. Elcis provides a variety of racks, both loose and pre-assembled.

The encoders feature a LED for light source. This LED has a minimum operating life of 100000 hours. For detection of phototransistors, they use a push-pull connection. They use only high-quality parts and employ precise design engineering. They feature exceptional mechanical robustness. The devices have undergone extended tests at both high and low temperatures. With the help of Hewlett Packard Laser interferometer, they ensure that standard room has special alignment. All these factors ensure high dependability.

The encoders have an all-metal body made from turning and milling metal bar and sheet. They have ABEC 5 precision ball bearings and pinion of stainless steel. They have a strong sealing and protection from various environmental elements such as oil, dust and moisture. These factors ensure dependable operation over extended periods, including in wide temperature ranges.

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