1-axis servo-inclinometer - LSO-C/P-L Series

1-axis servo-inclinometer - LSO-C/P-L Series
Jewell Instruments The JEWELL INSTRUMENTS LSOC/LSOP "L" series inclinometers feature a 4 to 20 mA output, high resolution and low hysteresis less than 0.0005% of full range output, robust design that can withstand shocks in excess of 1,500 g and vibrations over 35 grms, reaction on slopes less than 0.000006"/ft, high precision closed-loop force balanced sensor technology, and low white noise spectral density over 0.15 μV/Sq Root Hz. They are recommended for use in shock and vibration-present environments, such as steel processing, paving, grading, mining, tunneling, overturn detection, monitoring of dams, columns, bridges, for automated train controls, rail leveling and grinding or rail bed analysis, or for military applications, with measurement of angular tilt during high stresses and vibrations.

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