Digital stroboscope - max. 5.000 fpm | D5

Digital stroboscope - max. 5.000 fpm | D5
Bint #Portable stroboscope with high brightness and small dimension
#Ideal whenever it is necessary high brightness and high portability
#Flash frequency up to 5.000 flashes/min
#DIV-STROB function: stopped images happens at submultiple frequencies of the real frequency, while flash brightness is always with high intensity
#Flash control by internal oscillator and external trigger, with tachometer fucntion
#Frequency regulation quick and precise with two potentiometers for coarse and fine adjustment
#Large dot matrix LCD display for easy RPM readout
#Rechargeable battery power supply
#Double AC/DC power supply (by means of the supplied AC adapter) : 220Vac + internal rechargeable battery

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