Interferometer optical / white light - MicroXAM - 800

Interferometer optical / white light - MicroXAM - 800
KLA - TENCOR MicroXAM-800 is an optical surface profiler that can be used for various applications in the industry. The item is a non-contact one, which is different from all other products on the market mainly because of the simple user interface, which does not require elaborate training for the user.

In addition to the powerful suite of functions and support for various applications, the device makes use of advanced algorithms that simplify the measurement setup. The drag and drop functions, along with the flexibility of the platform make this device suitable for acquiring and analyzing data.

The system also includes various software and hardware features designed to meet the requirements of various production environments. Examples of such features are the simple recipe set-up, as well as scripting and powerful analysis tools, along with programmable stages.

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