Digital scale - max. 5 000 kg, IP68

Digital scale - max. 5 000 kg, IP68
Eilersen Electric A/S The Customized Scales is manufactured by Eilersen and it is made in Denmark. The produt is made of AISI304 or 316, epoxy coating etc. and other options can be availed upon request. The product has durable capacitive technology and it has patented high reliability capacitive sensor and it has protection class of IP68. It has high tolerance of up to 1000% overload and high accuracy and high resolution display.

It has digital filters for eliminating the influence from vibrations. The cable length measures up to 100 meters and the scale calibration is independent of cable length. The product has a range of software modules for basic weighing, special purposes, and customer specific operations. Lastly, the status of each single load cell in the scale can be observed enabling easy maintenance.

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