Piezoresistive pressure sensor - -1 ... +16 bar, -10 °C ... +75 °C | PE2 series

Piezoresistive pressure sensor - -1 ... +16 bar, -10 °C ... +75 °C | PE2 series
Aventics GmbH Series PE2 is designed with aluminum housing, short circuit resistant switch outputs, and acryolonitrile butadiene rubber seals. Series PE2 has a weight of 0.3 kg and can be installed in any position. It has 30 g maximum shock resistance and 3 g pulsation resistance. Series PE2 has an adjustable hysteresis, switching and resetting point. Series PE2 has an IP 65 protection class and consumes < 50 mA local power. The product has an operating voltage that ranges from 15 Vdc up to a maximum of 32 Vdc and has an analog output current that ranges from 4 to 20 mA.

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