Capacitive level sensor / for bulk materials - max. 3 m, max. 80 °C | NSC

Capacitive level sensor / for bulk materials - max. 3 m, max. 80 °C | NSC
KOBOLD Messring GmbH Capacitive Uvei Monitor tor Bulk Model: The KCeOLD level monitor devices model NSC are used for the monitoring of minimum and maximum levels in silos and depots. They come in two designs and are suitable for various installation conditions. The level monitoring device NSC-R is supplied with a rigid stainless-steel probe with PTFE coating. For small sibs and low bulk densities the short version can also be installed on the side for controlling of the minimum level. The level monitor device NSC-C consists of a stainless-steel probe body which is connected to the connection box by a steel cable coated with polypropylene. The customer can shorten the cable, making an adaptation to changing application conditions very easy. This type is usually used to control the maximum level.

There is a non-sensitive section close to the mounting thread to avoid false alarms in case of deposits. There are various advantages like very little wear due to absence of mechanical parts. Pluggable evaluation module and easy installation. Adjustable sensitivity with various special lengths. You can set it to maximum or minimum security.

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