Analog multimeter / digital / true RMS - C.A 5011

Analog multimeter / digital / true RMS - C.A 5011
CHAUVIN ARNOUX The TRMS C.A 5011 mulitmeter is widely recognized for its world class quality and exceptional performance. This cutting-edge technology provides the correct RMS value whether the signal is sinusoidal or distorted. This is highly flexible because it can be used in different types of installations, even with non-linear loads. One great thing about this technology is the "Voltest" LED if voltage present Ωmeter utilisation and continuity. It has a resistance of 400Ω to 40MΩ (6 cal.). This can be used as a zero galvanometer and has max and hold value functions which made this groundbreaking technology very reliable. It has a backlit display and fuse LED indicator.

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